Picture in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Picture

1. It was the only picture on the walls. 🔊

2. Look at the country picture shown on page 19. 🔊

3. The picture is before me yet, and can never fade. 🔊

4. And now came the real work of the motion picture chums. 🔊

5. It was a picture of the court that tried Charles I. 🔊

6. You throw the picture on the screen during the intermissions. 🔊

7. It is announced that the picture represents a well known local merchant. 🔊

8. Instead of having one picture now to worry me, I had a hundred. 🔊

9. Try as hard as ever I can, I cannot picture his doing any harm to anybody. 🔊

How to use Picture in Sentences?

1. In the first picture in this book notice the beautiful dome and the great high stairs. 🔊

2. A picture of domestic pleasure and content indeed, and with three noble figures in it. 🔊

3. Perseverance, hard work and brains, however, carried the motion picture chums through. 🔊

4. The boys love outdoor life, and are greatly interested in hunting, fishing, and picture taking. 🔊

5. Recently some one in Missouri has sent me a picture of the house I was born in. 🔊

6. In an instant the motion picture chums acted on a common impulse and leaped into the water after him. 🔊

7. There is a picture which possesses a singular and mysterious influence; and with which there is connected a very curious story. 🔊

8. As anticipated by the motion picture chums and their friends, the throngs that evening beat all records. 🔊