Pious in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Pious

1. He was evidently ingenuous and sincere, pious and lovable. 🔊

2. Elburz, where she committed him to the care of a pious anchorite. 🔊

3. Have I not a pious mercy towards that nation which formerly took me captive? 🔊

4. A man of most venerable looks, highly cultivated mind, and a warm pious heart. 🔊

5. As piety went in those days, Luther had been raised a pious young man. 🔊

6. The pious Bishop Nicolas sent for the originator of these disorders. 🔊

7. In Crete too was the grave of Zeus: a scandal to pious heathendom. 🔊

8. An' there I met a pious Hindu dhriving a bullock-kyart. 🔊

How to use Pious in Sentences?

1. The pious and charitable proprietor has a foreman not quite so pious and charitable. 🔊

2. In religion these estimable wives are pious in habit but somewhat nebulous in faith. 🔊

3. They were a pair of pious souls, and would, of course, never exaggerate to the length of a lie. 🔊

4. Upon my soul, Sedley, you are a pretty father confessor, and give pious admonition! 🔊

5. The constant use of pious phrases is not a good sign either of Moslem or Christian. 🔊

6. Fired by this pious zeal, Father Jose went forward in the van of Christian pioneers. 🔊

7. I tell you, Rocky Springs 'ud get pious right away under the influence of bird's-eye maple. 🔊

8. They painted to decorate churches which themselves represented the pious work of several generations of a given city. 🔊

9. Much ostentation comes out in the keeping of it; very pious people begin to fast before the month sets in. 🔊

10. After the manner of pious monks the two companions walked one behind the other, reciting prayers and litanies. 🔊

11. She were always at chapel and meeting, and as full of pious talk as an egg's full of meat. 🔊

12. The enthusiastic lawyer refused all promotion, and became a quite pious adorer of this angel of grace and beauty. 🔊