Political in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Political

1. You know my political ambitions. 🔊

2. The political position was chaotic. 🔊

3. I was to supply with a political voice. 🔊

4. The political coat has many colours. 🔊

5. Of all bullies, your political bully is the worst. 🔊

6. It is, indeed, his principal political asset. 🔊

7. She constituted herself the dragoman of our political travels. 🔊

8. He brought political art to the last triumph of naturalness. 🔊

9. But independent thought is never turned towards her political destinies. 🔊

10. I have no quarrel on political grounds with the Suffragettes. 🔊

11. In those days it was disguised in the cloak of Political Economy. 🔊

12. A political worker can't always be in time for meals, can she? 🔊

How to use Political in Sentences?

1. I got to feel over there that these political issues were merely local and temporary. 🔊

2. Why should political work always rot down to personalities and personal appeals in this way? 🔊

3. He was a particularly neat controversialist, and very full of political and sociological ideas. 🔊

4. Independent thought has made Germany great in science, in political economy, in economics. 🔊

5. It was of tin, and had stamped on it a comprehensive lesson in both political and physical geography. 🔊

6. She showed them her father during a political campaign, addressing his constituency under the handicap of a cold in the head. 🔊

7. From the people comes political support or opposition; from the public comes artistic appreciation or commercial patronage. 🔊

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