Ponder in a sentence

Definition of Ponder

to wonder, think of deeply | to consider (something) carefully and thoroughly; to chew over, mull over | (obsolete) to weigh

How to use Ponder in a Sentence?

  • George shut the door upon him, and came back to the fire to ponder this odd quarter of an hour.
  • To view thy walls, dismantled long with age And base neglect, and ponder her gray hair.
  • We did not stay for a moment to ponder the extenuating circumstances which our weakness might have invoked.
  • She was learning to hide her thoughts, to keep her little troubles in her own heart and ponder them.
  • Then was the time that the strange big things which filter through your dreams linger evanescently in your mind to ponder over.
  • His eyes were meditative, and she wondered what he found in this old gossip to make him ponder so contentedly.
  • For a little while she must be alone to ponder the first really stern words her father had ever spoken to her.
  • We should ponder over the situation seriously and not put off until tomorrow its consideration, because this movement is growing every day.
  • Nay, more than that, it set up uneasy questionings in his mind and made him ponder upon what he had said.
  • Before you read it, and ponder over its contents, let me remind you that the writing of a letter in those days was a very serious business.
  • Sometimes a whirlwind of dust travelled rapidly over the plain, making one ponder what would happen should it gyrate into the vachtoe.
  • We do not ponder those we can trace: or we should tremble to call anything beneath the notice of God.
  • For ten minutes he remained silent, though occasionally looking up as if about to speak, then dropping his head again to ponder on the coals.
  • Lieutenant Procope had leisure to contemplate some of the present perplexing problems, and to ponder over the true astronomical position.
  • Surrounded as he is by the sick and the maimed, perhaps one of the first subjects on which he is led to ponder is the mystery of Pain.
  • His body lived still for debauchery, his mind lived still to ponder on evil, but his soul was stifled in a flood of sin.
  • There she stopt; not for repose; her troubled mind kept her body still insensible to weariness; but to ponder upon her dreadful suspicions.
  • The answer to that question involved so much, both of what had been, and what was yet to come, that Agatha dared not ponder over it.
  • He heard me respectfully, treated me kindly, and advised me to ponder well before I took a step so unusual and unseemly.

Short Example Sentence for Ponder

  • It was something to ponder over.
  • Useless to ponder on these things.
  • He appeared to ponder the question.
  • It is futile to ponder over what is lost.
  • He seemed to ponder a moment.
  • But it was time wasting to ponder on this now.
  • Nelson had no need to ponder the next step.
  • That gave me something to ponder upon.
  • Again the ranger paused to ponder the matter.
  • Let vs ponder and weighe the thyng as it is in very deed.
  • Let us ponder the words; let the thought sink deep.
  • As he journeyed northward Dane had much to ponder over.
  • In the growing dark, I ponder white and infinity.
  • I sit there on the bench and ponder over all this, and am sad enough.
  • We beg our readers to ponder his words, and the period when he uttered them.
  • She didn't know, was now too sleepy to ponder deeply.
  • In vain by night and by day did Ronald ponder on what that subject should be.
  • For myself, I remained awhile to ponder all these happenings.
  • Once or twice he turned back, Raven saw, to ponder some passage again.
  • Do thou ponder on the penetrative influence of the Word of God.
  • While Bryant appeared to ponder this, Wallie went on quickly.

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