Poor in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Poor

1. Only the poor can live cheaply. 🔊

2. Name a poor street or road. 🔊

3. And his poor soul seemed to have been damaged too. 🔊

4. How vexingly elusive the poor fellow has become! 🔊

5. He may be very irritable, poor man! 🔊

6. The poor fellow has not seen his wife for a long time. 🔊

7. That poor old man lying dead up-stairs! 🔊

8. That poor lost Arthur! 🔊

9. Pray allow them a few fidgety fancies, poor old dears. 🔊

10. They all seemed to envy poor Fitzgerald. 🔊

11. But I cannot bear to see the poor things dying. 🔊

12. That was the way with my poor friend, Curran. 🔊

13. It isn't as if he had robbed a poor man, you know. 🔊

14. He had not gone far when he came upon a poor peasant cleaving wood. 🔊

15. Oh, it was very cruel to deceive a poor little girl in this heartless way! 🔊

16. I wish I could do something to amuse you, you poor little invalid. 🔊

How to use Poor in Sentences?

1. The poor colored men had to work terribly hard as slaves and received no pay for their work. 🔊

2. For this was the first reasonable sentence that poor Ida had spoken for several days. 🔊

3. The poor Hungarian population would certainly express their gratitude for such assistance as that! 🔊