Pot in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Pot

1. There was an iron pot in the embers. 🔊

2. And should she put a small pot of jam in too? 🔊

3. La cosa no pot durar sempre. 🔊

4. No es pot baixar la capota? 🔊

5. Tripo-rauniel A pot of beer. 🔊

6. Es pot ser tan ximple, a la teva edat? 🔊

7. This advice was followed, and a pot was brought with some grease in it. 🔊

8. I lifted the pot of water to his lips again, and he thanked me courteously. 🔊

9. They'll pot you from the top of the bluff, first off. 🔊

10. Some one came up to ask for coffee, and Julie took up her pot again. 🔊

11. Hom pot imaginar-se les reflexions de Kobus vora les muralles. 🔊

12. And when they arrived Geeahduk Seeven enquired if the pot slept. 🔊

13. At the Van der Pot sale, in 1808, this picture brought 10,050 florins! 🔊

How to use Pot in Sentences?

1. This is melted in an iron pot which also serves as the cathode in the electrolysis. 🔊

2. For once in his life he could find no ease or content among his pot companions. 🔊

3. On the red cloth, which is covered with a piece of white linen, stand a pot and a phial. 🔊

4. But, when Titty went to put hers in, the pot tumbled over, and scalded her to death. 🔊

5. When Mr. Gibney fell under the impact of the earthenware pot he was only partially stunned. 🔊

6. My Indian hosts cooked me a pot of choohookyuh greens, and I found them very palatable. 🔊