Pot in a sentence

Definition of Pot

To put (something) into a pot. | To preserve by bottling or canning. | (cue sports) To cause a ball to fall into a pocket.

Short Example Sentence for Pot

  • 1. There was an iron pot in the embers.
  • 2. And should she put a small pot of jam in too?
  • 3. La cosa no pot durar sempre.
  • 4. No es pot baixar la capota?
  • 5. Es pot ser tan ximple, a la teva edat?
  • 6. Tripo-rauniel A pot of beer.
  • 7. A watched pot never boils, and Ada was a young woman.
  • 8. This advice was followed, and a pot was brought with some grease in it.
  • 9. I lifted the pot of water to his lips again, and he thanked me courteously.
  • 10. They'll pot you from the top of the bluff, first off.
  • 11. There was a savory smell as Milly lifted the pot from the stove.
  • 12. Some one came up to ask for coffee, and Julie took up her pot again.
  • 13. Hom pot imaginar-se les reflexions de Kobus vora les muralles.
  • 14. And when they arrived Geeahduk Seeven enquired if the pot slept.
  • 15. At the Van der Pot sale, in 1808, this picture brought 10,050 florins!

How to use Pot in a Sentence?

  • 1. This is melted in an iron pot which also serves as the cathode in the electrolysis.
  • 2. Foreign politics have generally been simmering in the pot for some time before the pot overboils.
  • 3. For once in his life he could find no ease or content among his pot companions.
  • 4. With a wild laugh she seized the pot full of boiling rice and began to pour it into the drain.
  • 5. On the red cloth, which is covered with a piece of white linen, stand a pot and a phial.
  • 6. But, when Titty went to put hers in, the pot tumbled over, and scalded her to death.
  • 7. When Mr. Gibney fell under the impact of the earthenware pot he was only partially stunned.
  • 8. My Indian hosts cooked me a pot of choohookyuh greens, and I found them very palatable.
  • 9. She has a pot on her knee and holds it with her right hand, while in her left she offers a herring for sale.
  • 10. By the aid of the spirit lamp that he carried in his kit, he could make a pot of coffee to supplement the sandwiches he had with him.
  • 11. He seized a stick and stirred the contents furiously, then set the pot between his knees and ate like an animal.
  • 12. We were going to have broiled chicken, and a new dining-room table, and a pot of primroses as big as your head.
  • 13. A hare hangs on the wall above, and below the table one notes a fish on a platter, and near a pot a bunch of carrots.
  • 14. Like Brouwer, he painted tavern interiors with men sitting at table before a pot of beer and a game of cards.
  • 15. They say a great pot of money has been dug up in the field, just behind Stuyvesant's orchard.
  • 16. The Canoness was making tea, and poured it from a heavy silver pot into the cups handed around by a servant.
  • 17. There was, of course, no chafing-dish, and the stew was cooked in an iron pot which hung over an open fire in the ancient kitchen.
  • 18. So it began to cook, and she soon ate all she wished; but when the poor woman wanted to have the pot stop, she found she did not know the word.
  • 19. Leonard had made the tea in the old black pot with the broken spout, and Jacob lay on his little settle, close up to the table.
  • 20. In a sense, you know, it was flattering; but for the moment it made me feel as if I had been offered a pot of mustard to sniff.
  • 21. It is a general custom to put the coffee pot on the stove in the morning and leave it there all day for any member of the family to help himself to coffee when he wants it.
  • 22. He might have turned his wife and daughter out to starve in the streets, and his old boon-companions would have forgotten all about it over a pot of beer.
  • 23. Vast quantities of pearl oysters were brought to the surface, and these Mr. Gibney stewed personally in a great iron pot on the beach.
  • 24. Only, when we're sizzlin' in a pot don't you up and say I never warned you, because I did.
  • 25. There are mostly days in my present situation when I have one small roll and a pot of tea for the whole day, and I must live so.