Powerful in a sentence

Definition of Powerful

Having, or capable of exerting power, potency or influence. | (mining) Large; capacious; said of veins of ore. | (Southern US) Synonym of very

How to use Powerful in a Sentence?

  • They have added to their battle efficiency by a great many new and powerful ships.
  • The powerful orator is a man to be admired, the powerful thinker a man we esteem.
  • There, he became a most important man, organising and turning the city into a powerful city state.
  • But the merchants were too powerful for him; they insisted upon protection in the Mediterranean.
  • Mr Gunn has seen some so large and powerful that a number of dogs would not face one of them.
  • He was now nearly eighteen, and, although a broad and powerful fellow, was still a boy at heart.
  • Miss Fetters, strange to say, was not in the least affected by the powerful draughts she imbibed.
  • It is constructive only so far as its antagonism to the great owner is more powerful than its jealousy of the state.
  • He was a fellow of powerful build, and he was annoyed and angry at the pertinacity of their pursuer.
  • Lloyd touched her reassuringly and in a soft but powerful voice, lifted this new burden from her mind.
  • The only point now was to procure a piano, the harmonium being far too powerful to be used to accompany singing.
  • We want to suggest that these expert officials must necessarily develop into a new class and a very powerful class in the community.
  • The story shows that there come sudden changes of affairs, when the most powerful owe everything to the weakest.
  • The count then was bound to enter the name of the new member in his register, and henceforth he was one of the powerful body of the initiated.
  • These reflections overcame the first powerful impulse, and I calmed the turbulent agitation which it had awakened.
  • Sydney Smith's comparison of some one dying like a poisoned rat in a ditch is a powerful one.
  • Strengthened by a powerful reinforcement, he made all sail for Alexandria; but there no enemy had been seen or heard of.
  • Such as we have described them were the members, the possessions, and the various offices of the powerful society of the Temple.
  • These powerful progression had meant the inevitable downfall of all the great Empires which once reigned on the Earth.
  • Jonathan, his comrade, was a head taller, with broad shoulders, powerful limbs, and a quiet but good-tempered face.
  • The nation which Wilson ruled was a powerful State whose attitude from the very first was of supreme importance to both sides.
  • The dominating idea, as I understood it, was that the majesty of the law should prove a sufficiently powerful weapon; and in the main it did.
  • This age, far beyond all previous ages, is full of powerful men, men who might, if they had the will for it, achieve stupendous things.
  • It was through the interposition of Father Michael and certain powerful Protestant friends of his who are unknown to me.

Short Example Sentence for Powerful

  • Brook had long been a powerful man.
  • On the Jersey coast a powerful light winked spasmodically.
  • There was a powerful understanding which formed between them.
  • Clouds of dust whirled up from under their powerful hoof-beats.
  • The 1913 is practically a duplicate with a more powerful engine.
  • Brook stood majestic and powerful in the presence of his brother.
  • He is a very powerful man, successfully intimidated by petty fears.
  • It was of a brilliant red, and gave forth a strangely powerful perfume.
  • The wealthy and powerful order of the knights of the Temple was suppressed.
  • He was one of the most able and powerful rulers in Chinese history.
  • The brigands were too numerous And powerful for a weak police.
  • A rich and powerful Dey bought the beast for a thousand gold pieces.
  • He made it the wealthiest and most powerful land on the Northern Continent.
  • Mr. Bryan was no longer the most powerful individual in the Democratic Party.
  • Myra's powerful father had learned of the loss of his daughter.
  • His wife's powerful mind was too much for him; it wore him out.

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