Precious in a sentence

Definition of Precious

Of high value or worth. | Regarded with love or tenderness. | (derogatory) Treated with too much reverence.

Short Example Sentence for Precious

  • 1. You are my very precious wife.
  • 2. But precious time should not be lost.
  • 3. Hail, precious phial!
  • 4. Could they give up the last drop of the precious water?
  • 5. He had sent her a precious vial in a sandalwood box.
  • 6. There is precious Aronach himself.
  • 7. And I may keep this precious paper?
  • 8. So that he grasps things worthless and leaves what is precious behind him.
  • 9. Instead, he spent those precious minutes telling me the truth about you.
  • 10. They're a precious pair, those two men.
  • 11. But to wake celestial rapture, He a precious three creates.
  • 12. A precious life, thyself to bore, And some few youngsters evermore!
  • 13. May Heaven shower down its most precious blessings on Y.R.H.!
  • 14. This most precious possession was the child's own mother, Sunshine.

How to use Precious in a Sentence?

  • 1. Their property had been swept away, but they had retained their most precious possession.
  • 2. Pep waved the precious bit of paper gaily and jumped to his feet with glowing eyes.
  • 3. Church will be possessed of a Treasure the more precious because there will be none like it.
  • 4. Still he kept on, holding like a miser to every precious mile that meant so much to him.
  • 5. He swam back alone, but without relinquishing the precious burden of full calabashes.
  • 6. In the name of Liberty some of the most precious art-work of modern days has been fired.
  • 7. Caps and socks, and cloaks and breeches, Matchless pearls and precious stones.
  • 8. Oh, free him from the fetters of this curse, Lest vainly pass the precious hours of safety.
  • 9. She had given a good many of her precious holidays to the reforming of Mr. Desmond.
  • 10. His corporeal frame felt as if it had been passed through a carpet-beater, and he had lost some of his most precious illusions.
  • 11. Charming gladly surrendered the flask to the owl, who in a short time returned it to him filled with the precious water.
  • 12. A jewel and legacy worthy of such a donor, a jewel so precious that without it there can be no happiness either in earth or heaven.
  • 13. I have had no compliment, no praise, no tribute from any source, that was so precious to me as this one was and still is.
  • 14. Moreover, she seemed to entirely overlook my precious self, which gave me no favorable impression of her character.
  • 15. And the merchant filled it up with precious things from the Beast's treasure-house.
  • 16. One day an expert in the discovery of precious stones came along, and saw in this pile a block of jade of great value.
  • 17. They suspect a bandit of lurking behind every bush for the purpose of carrying off their precious Emily.
  • 18. As one, the spectators on the platform stretched their necks to catch the first glimpse of the train bearing its precious cargo of millionaires.
  • 19. Elizabeth told me that the Pasha will not give his precious little daughter but to a man who will marry only one woman.
  • 20. At length, indeed, it came, that restoring sense of self which is so precious at some times of our life.
  • 21. His duty was also to shuffle his feet when the servant-maid approached, and a precious drubbing he got if he failed to shuffle them loud enough.
  • 22. In the islands and countries already discovered are found gold, spices, and very many other precious things of divers kinds and species.
  • 23. As good look for a black fellow in the Murray reeds, as search for this precious scoundrel in the dark.
  • 24. While we have sat in the sunshine talking of old days, and watching the children grow their wings, two of our precious months are gone.
  • 25. Such was the violence of the wind and waves, that he faltered, lost his foothold, and let his precious burden fall into the sea.
  • 26. And when any of us met her there were precious little words and looks, and Fulk meant to try again after the four years.