Precipitous in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Precipitous

1. The wall of the crater is precipitous and black. 🔊

2. Where the rock is most precipitous a breastwork has been thrown up. 🔊

3. It was such a precipitous descent to earth after their flight. 🔊

4. At their feet was the deep, grassy valley, hemmed by precipitous bluffs. 🔊

How to use Precipitous in Sentences?

1. The precipitous banks were a greater obstacle to troops than the stream itself. 🔊

2. The climbing was in many instances too precipitous for the horses and they made many detours. 🔊

3. Again and again we rode to the edges of the cliffs, whose precipitous walls forbade our descent. 🔊

4. These trees only grow on precipitous rocks, and they grow so close together as to form groves. 🔊

5. The walls are very high, and the fallen timbers lie strewed adown the precipitous descent. 🔊

6. Behind the Auenthal woods swept roaring through a ragged arch of rain-cloud a precipitous ocean. 🔊

7. Down the precipitous landing-steps we went, Dolly, as usual, well in the front. 🔊

8. Directly in the path rises the sharp cone of Vico Alvano, precipitous and rugged. 🔊

9. The descent on the south side is much more precipitous and wonderful than the ascent from the north. 🔊

10. The plane nosed over and with increased momentum from the dip it shot upward at a precipitous angle. 🔊

11. Then standing astraddle in the precipitous street he began to pluck at the strings as though the guitar could answer for him. 🔊

12. Perched on the crest of a precipitous rock, this fortress looks as though it might defy all enemies but famine. 🔊

13. The way down was very precipitous and they had not covered a third of it when Roger slipped and fell. 🔊

14. Those with horses had literally to cut the way with their axes over windfall, over steep banks, and round precipitous cliffs. 🔊

15. The Federals had not gone far from the cabin when the valley narrowed down and the mountains arose steep and precipitous on each side. 🔊

16. There was no mistaking it, with its precipitous sides, its frowning aspect, and the cluster of tents clearly discernible upon its summit. 🔊