Previous in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Previous

1. In this edition there are many variations from the previous one. 🔊

2. She 'hopes a previous engagement won't prevent'! 🔊

3. The priest had denounced him from the altar on the previous Sunday. 🔊

4. The annual rent previous to this new arrangement had risen to L100. 🔊

How to use Previous in Sentences?

1. She grew hot with the thought of the limitations of her previous conception of her lover. 🔊

2. But the canoes did not all approach the shore together, as they had done on the previous nights. 🔊

3. I saw him on the night previous to the morning of his death, though he did not see me. 🔊

4. Departs from previous practice in having two separate cars, each of which contains one motor. 🔊

5. And now, from his long previous abstinence, what he had already drunk had begun to tell upon him. 🔊

6. The sight of her nurse, passive in despair, restored to the girl a portion of her previous spirit. 🔊

7. They all lounged naked by the courtyard fountain, recuperating from their follies in the rain the previous evening. 🔊

8. We left our tents standing, and crossed over to the shanty of our friends of the previous evening to breakfast. 🔊

9. Dieskau, emboldened by the success of his previous advance, led his troops towards the lake in battle array. 🔊

10. The same young man, who had brought for them the previous morning, stood before them now with a golden goblet of wine in each hand. 🔊

11. The court had however the power of granting a further respite of six weeks and three days previous to passing this last severe sentence. 🔊

12. He was exacting and overbearing with them, and some on board, who had served with him on his previous voyage, had many tales to his disadvantage. 🔊

13. Miss Eyester perused the testimonials for a patent medicine contained in a pamphlet left by previous campers. 🔊