Prison in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Prison

1. Why should they prison me? 🔊

2. There is no prison here for women. 🔊

3. To prison with me straight! 🔊

4. This prison was the worst. 🔊

5. The door of the prison room was unlocked and thrown open. 🔊

6. Not far from the prison enclosure was an abundance of growing timber. 🔊

7. Dave's prison place was gruesome in the extreme. 🔊

8. It opened the door of his cell, as well as the lock of the prison door. 🔊

9. I was credibly informed that more than forty did it in Prison No. 🔊

10. I've only broken out of the strongest prison in England, that's all! 🔊

11. In the prison of the Kaiser, By the barricades of Seine. 🔊

12. Major (Adner A.) Small wrote a valuable account of prison life. 🔊

How to use Prison in Sentences?

1. There was a sound at the door of their prison room, and the padlock was displaced. 🔊

2. I would have ridden home without seeing his daughter had she not met me by the prison door. 🔊

3. The prison commandant promised that he would execute any sentence short of capital punishment. 🔊

4. If one must endure prison discipline, at least let us have a cell to ourselves. 🔊

5. I rushed from my little prison enfranchised, ecstatic; but I misapprehended my own sensations. 🔊

6. Into the prison thereof was Harald thrown, and together with him were Halldor and Ulf. 🔊

7. An expedition to free a brother sovereign from prison was undoubtedly a generous and chivalrous undertaking. 🔊

8. Time had been powerless against that fortress of prejudice; against that cheerful and inaccessible prison of the tribal instinct. 🔊