Pump in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Pump

1. A centrifugal pump is used for distributing the gas. 🔊

2. Collie, listening, felt his heart pump faster. 🔊

3. The "Knowles" has always been the best steam pump made. 🔊

4. The motive power of the pump was supplied by the crew of each engine. 🔊

5. At the centre of the system is a pump which keeps the blood in motion. 🔊

6. It's easier to pump things out of a young man. 🔊

7. We must fetch the pump with dirty water, if clean cannot be had. 🔊

8. A hose fed by an old-fashioned seesaw pump was being played on the flames. 🔊

9. An aero-motor pump or engine of some kind may raise the water to a tank. 🔊

How to use Pump in Sentences?

1. There was a ten gallon can of kerosene in the wagon, the kind that has a pump attachment. 🔊

2. Then she kneads sand round the base of her rude pump and over the tuft of grass and sucks. 🔊

3. He tore frantically away to the pump and the three captains joined the crowd of volunteer firemen. 🔊

4. But then," he said, "Perez and me have been right here by the pump ever sence we come. 🔊

5. Drainage ditches have been made behind them and pumping plants put in to pump the water out of them. 🔊

6. There are big pumping stations on the river bank to pump the water out of the river through pipes to the houses. 🔊