Purpose in a sentence

Definition of Purpose

(intransitive) To have set as one's purpose; resolve to accomplish; intend; plan. | (transitive, passive) To design for some purpose. (Can we add an example for this sense?) | (obsolete, intransitive) To discourse.

Short Example Sentence for Purpose

  • 1. That was a sentence with a purpose in it.
  • 2. She came out for the purpose of sitting for the picture.
  • 3. He sat down suddenly as if on purpose to stare.
  • 4. What purpose is it designed to serve in the philosophy of the author?
  • 5. The strength of this we purpose to try in a subsequent chapter.
  • 6. All the world has laboured under the idea that the purpose was piles of gold.
  • 7. He assumed his human nature for the express purpose of dying upon the cross.
  • 8. For this purpose a small table ought to be placed close beside the piano.
  • 9. Had he not, in very purpose and act, been the murderer of his mate?
  • 10. A simple and much-used arrangement for this purpose is shown in Fig.
  • 11. And yet I can't help suspecting some purpose behind it.
  • 12. But how easy for the sceptic to demand, What good purpose does it answer?
  • 13. Its nominal main purpose is the repair, etc., of Service Aircraft.
  • 14. For this Purpose he carried him to the Exchange; and pointing to M.
  • 15. They had a distinct purpose in view, and Frank's remarks brought it up.

How to use Purpose in a Sentence?

  • 1. As his foot touched the deck his will, his purpose he had been hurrying to save, died out within.
  • 2. The first is a new stitch, in which I purpose to work some muslin dresses for us both.
  • 3. The purpose of the damping springs is to reduce the sensitiveness of the diaphragm to extraneous sounds.
  • 4. For this reason it is necessary to employ auxiliary apparatus for the purpose of signaling between stations.
  • 5. The break between them serves the purpose of a rhetorical pause, throwing into prominence some detail of the action.
  • 6. The old beast was determined to be off, being like a restless wild animal devoid of purpose or reason.
  • 7. Such a case is not usual, but an example of it will serve a useful purpose in fixing certain facts as to pitch.
  • 8. Is not everything that is done by him, or left undone, in pursuance of his eternal purpose and design?
  • 9. With the reflection he felt again the exhaustion of the nerves, the infirmity of purpose against which he had struggled ever since his return.
  • 10. Conjecture was rife as to the purpose of the Confederates in supplying us with spittoons and nothing else.
  • 11. He will bring with him the plan of his latest defenses of a town on the east coast, which our cruiser squadron purpose to bombard.
  • 12. These may be taken for the same purpose that some birds, especially of the gallinaceous order, swallow bits of gravel.
  • 13. He opened his mouth, apparently for the purpose of saying something, but his tongue refused to articulate any recognizable words.
  • 14. She was a thinker, and would reason out the purpose of them, apply the lesson, and achieve the reform required.
  • 15. Nay, that they are, and were, created for the express purpose of being devoted to death, spiritual and eternal.
  • 16. If you have any information to give me, pray write it down; but seal the note, for which purpose you will find wax and a seal on my table.
  • 17. But then one does not go to the Bazaars only for the purpose of purchasing at the stalls, every one of them is a new and striking picture.
  • 18. The sea swarms with fish, the woods teem with sago, and cultivation of the clove procures extra wages when any special purpose requires them.
  • 19. You may use this eBook for nearly any purpose such as creation of derivative works, reports, performances and research.
  • 20. You may use this eBook for nearly any purpose such as creation of derivative works, reports, performances and research.
  • 21. I knew where such of the keepers and gardeners as lived upon the estate resided, and it puzzled me to imagine to what purpose this cottage was assigned.
  • 22. The practice here recommended enables him to discover the purpose of each paragraph as he begins to read it, and to retain this purpose in mind as he ends it.
  • 23. Finding the hole too small for that purpose she wriggled around lazily until she had brought an eye to bear on the cavity that she seemed to suspect might contain a mouse.
  • 24. Frequently, however, a few pairs of such lines are employed merely for the purpose of indicating a battery without regard to its polarity or its number of cells.
  • 25. The least complicated machine for that purpose is a switchboard to be operated by hand, having some way of letting the operator know that a connection is wished and a way of making it.