Queenly in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Queenly

1. It was indeed a queenly apparition. 🔊

2. She had a queenly poise of the head. 🔊

3. The queenly mother of his royal race. 🔊

4. A new, a wonderful, a queenly state? 🔊

5. In the dimness his first impression was of her queenly gentleness. 🔊

6. Truly imperial was she in her vices, truly queenly in her virtues. 🔊

7. Her dark beauty, her height and grace, gave her a queenly air. 🔊

8. The queenly sisters of Sancie took up the project with great enthusiasm. 🔊

How to use Queenly in Sentences?

1. Cleopatra must have had just such a carriage of the head, just such a queenly neck. 🔊

2. As its merchants increased in riches, they lavished them freely on their queenly town. 🔊

3. Its queenly graciousness of mien inspires the reluctant loyalty of even the stoniest mind. 🔊

4. Perhaps the poet knew her; if so, no wonder he knew how to describe queenly souls. 🔊

5. Could it be possible that this magnificent girl, with her serene, queenly dignity, loved him? 🔊

6. Didst thou not marvel at its queenly flight, And feel a reverence in thine inmost soul? 🔊

7. I remembered how the queenly locks of Marie Antoinette were whitened in one night of agony. 🔊

8. A queenly woman, indeed, and I should have been an icicle if I had not admired her. 🔊

9. Never was Irene more queenly than in the manner with which she received the intelligence of her fall. 🔊

10. And now the father stretches down forgiving arms and the queenly daughter bows her head against the mighty wall and weeps in gladness. 🔊

11. Surely this girl, towering in her sweeping robe and queenly pose, was made to be loved of men and gods! 🔊