Quick in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Quick

1. Pep was a quick thinker. 🔊

2. It was all done quick as a flash. 🔊

3. Be as quick as you can, please. 🔊

4. Lessingham took a quick step forward. 🔊

5. Richard took a quick step forward. 🔊

6. Her quick sympathies were already aroused. 🔊

7. Dan took a quick aim and fired. 🔊

8. Lumley gave a quick glance at the bag. 🔊

9. They were as quick as house-agents at guessing rents. 🔊

10. War requires quick decisions and prompt actions. 🔊

11. Come, get into it, as quick as you can. 🔊

12. How ready she was to fence, and how quick with her attack! 🔊

13. And they are pretty quick judges of character, too. 🔊

14. A man that doesn't want you quick don't want you at all. 🔊

15. But I was too quick for him. 🔊

16. As she expected, the girl laughed a quick negative. 🔊

17. Joan gave his hand a quick little squeeze that was oddly maternal. 🔊

18. The pallid pair exchanged a quick glance of unutterable relief. 🔊

19. The need for quick work was growing more urgent from second to second. 🔊

20. If an alarm was given, they were to rush on them and make quick work of it. 🔊

21. Then he made a quick clutch at the wallet of money, and drew it close to him. 🔊

How to use Quick in Sentences?

1. Lumley gave him a quick look from under his bushy eyebrows, and then bent over the plan again. 🔊

2. He rose, throwing back his head and straightening himself with a quick proud gesture. 🔊