Rapturous in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Rapturous

1. She had had a rapturous week at the farm. 🔊

2. Again from the women a rapturous cry broke out. 🔊

3. If she had been happy before, she was rapturous now. 🔊

4. We were always given a rapturous welcome. 🔊

5. This felicity was too rapturous to be of long duration. 🔊

6. My praise became more rapturous than ever. 🔊

7. This last sentence is received with rapturous applause. 🔊

8. May rapturous energies spring from hopeless loves! 🔊

9. It is a book of rapturous beauty, vivid in word painting. 🔊

10. Laura nodded, and again Jim drew a long rapturous breath. 🔊

11. The audiences were sometimes moved to rapturous demonstrations of applause. 🔊

12. They pour into his ear one ceaseless tide of rapturous song. 🔊

13. I enquired, coldly, and she nodded with a sudden rapturous vivacity. 🔊

14. Dick met Nannie, and presently they pursued their rapturous way. 🔊

How to use Rapturous in Sentences?

1. She twisted herself into a knot of quivering joy and hugged her arms with rapturous intensity. 🔊

2. She looked forward to it with eager anticipation, she gave it a rapturous welcome. 🔊

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