Ready in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Ready

1. We were then ready to march to camp. 🔊

2. Tis a fairy palace ready to take flight. 🔊

3. It was a natural breastwork, all ready to our hand. 🔊

4. I am ready to do what I say. 🔊

5. And Anne said: 'All right, I'm ready to go. 🔊

6. She was there when I went to practise, all ready dressed for the theatre. 🔊

7. I wasn't ready to take it up just then; I am ready now. 🔊

8. Every one stood ready to execute his order; but I interfered. 🔊

9. Along in August the crop was ready to market, and it was a hummer, no mistake. 🔊

10. When we were ready to mount, MacRae fired another question at Burky. 🔊

11. Oh, Mysis, Now have I need of all your ready wit, And all your cunning. 🔊

How to use Ready in Sentences?

1. Clara and her mother began packing, to be ready in case the news should be bad. 🔊

2. I was told to go to my room and put on this disguise, and be ready in half an hour. 🔊

3. He got the rig in the barn ready and told the two hired men they could go back to their beds. 🔊

4. Sure that our good neighbor would return with him, Jessie proceeded to make ready for the trip. 🔊

5. The boys were brisk and ready for the evening's entertainment when the hour arrived. 🔊

6. By the time that dinner was served they were all in the most friendly humor possible and ready to enjoy the least excuse for laughter. 🔊

7. He could neither imagine what had made the merchant think of proposing to me, nor what had made me so ready to refuse him. 🔊

8. His very shape was comic, for he had to turn his back upon the audience and all the ladies were ready to die with laughing. 🔊

9. Banfi answered not a syllable, but he sent for his armour and his charger, and calmly got ready to depart. 🔊