Reason in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Reason

1. The reason is obvious. 🔊

2. Have you a single reason for suspecting me? 🔊

3. There was a reason why he was so ready-witted. 🔊

4. The importance of harmonizing reason and revelation. 🔊

5. It has not even the appearance of reason in its favour. 🔊

6. But this, he held, was not a reason for discouragement. 🔊

7. But reason is not to be kept in due subordination by any such means. 🔊

8. This question has been fully answered both from reason and revelation. 🔊

9. This is a dictate of the universal reason and consciousness of mankind. 🔊

10. The reason that he left college was that his health became impaired. 🔊

11. Yes; we again venture to answer for the unbiassed reason of man. 🔊

12. Section V. The importance of harmonizing reason and revelation. 🔊

How to use Reason in Sentences?

1. Such a display of the divine character seems to be equally unknown to reason and to revelation. 🔊

2. We have not, however, been able to find any sufficient reason or foundation for such an opinion. 🔊

3. True, a machine has no reason or understanding; but suppose it had, would it be a person? 🔊

4. This were to seek a ground and reason of that which has no existence, except in the imagination of man. 🔊

5. Is it not evident, that the advocates of such a scheme should never venture before the tribunal of reason at all? 🔊

6. Hence it is beyond the reach of almighty power itself to break up and confound the immutable foundations of reason and truth. 🔊

7. That we have a better reason for this position than our opponents can produce for theirs, we shall endeavour to show in the ensuing section. 🔊

8. The reason why theologians have concluded that God designs the salvation of only a part of mankind. 🔊

9. And you think also that there's no reason why I should be miserable; but there is. 🔊