Relieve in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Relieve

1. It seemed to plumb relieve him. 🔊

2. Another conductor was called to relieve him. 🔊

3. What though his death relieve my povertie? 🔊

4. Now you go ahead and relieve my anxiety. 🔊

5. I tried to relieve his mind upon that point. 🔊

6. I dare say; it would relieve him of a burthen. 🔊

7. Jack was talking rapidly, as if to relieve the tension of the situation. 🔊

8. Not a single object stood out to relieve the monotony of that desert of grass. 🔊

9. Rome must periodically relieve itself in this manner, or burst. 🔊

10. Once again, in January, 1797, Alvinzi tried to relieve Mantua. 🔊

How to use Relieve in Sentences?

1. He was already trying to relieve her of her largest bag and one or two bundles. 🔊

2. Polishing would probably also relieve them of their present rather heavy effect. 🔊

3. If he could not relieve it, he felt constrained to shut his eyes to it and to flee from it. 🔊

4. They were there, to give it interest and charm, but they seemed to relieve it of all monotony. 🔊

5. Every measure to relieve their fears was denied, every measure to heighten them was pursued. 🔊

6. He met her, laughing just enough to relieve the tension of which both for an instant were conscious. 🔊

7. Again they went to relieve guard, and again they found the sentinel dead and scalped as the one before him. 🔊

8. Surprised and alarmed, he plunged his arm into the pickle-tub in the kitchen to relieve the pain of the burn. 🔊

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