Religion in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Religion

1. For that is what religion does to morality. 🔊

2. A free state and a slavish religion are incompatible. 🔊

3. Life and Religion of the Hindoos. 🔊

4. How thy religion fares, I fain would hear. 🔊

5. The Ethics and Religion of the State. 🔊

6. Since he can never forsake his religion his tribulations are many. 🔊

7. Thus set free, the content of religion assumes quite another shape. 🔊

8. Thou knowest that the religion of Mahommed highly commends such a death. 🔊

How to use Religion in Sentences?

1. The objector may of course be reminded that religion tones down the self-complacency of morality. 🔊

2. He had lost his wife many years ago, but time and religion had soothed that sorrow. 🔊

3. Even though religion (according to Kant) conceive them as divine commands. 🔊

4. Such is a slight sketch of the religion which Mohammed substituted for the idolatry of Arabia. 🔊

5. They were founded and administered in the interests of religion rather than of commerce or industry. 🔊

6. As a matter of fact she had at that juncture felt more need than ever for the help of religion in her life. 🔊

7. At other times all forms of religion she knew of seemed a mere wearisome routine of duty and custom. 🔊

8. Hassan was perfectly aware that without the compressing power of positive religion no society can well be held together. 🔊

9. It had been his habit for a great many years to change his religion with his shirt, and his ideas about temperance at the same time. 🔊

10. It is but religion come to its maturity, made at home in the world, and no longer a stranger and a wonder. 🔊

11. So, again, religion does not supervene upon an already existing political and moral system and invest it with an additional sanction. 🔊

12. The scene is laid in the mining centers of Montana, where politics and mining industries are the religion of the country. 🔊

13. Here Religion treads on the borders of fairy-land, and brings an indescribable atmosphere away from thence. 🔊

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