Remarkable in a sentence

Definition of Remarkable

Worthy of being remarked or noted; notable | uncommon; unusual

How to use Remarkable in a Sentence?

  • Some will go further and assert that he had a remarkable genius in the art of stratagem.
  • He was a remittance man with a remarkable constitution, and he lasted seven years.
  • This remarkable Event is set forth in a Picture carefully preserved in the Church.
  • On the return of Aboo Taher to Aleppo a very remarkable attempt at assassination took place.
  • Theaetetus himself is not distinguished by the remarkable traits which are attributed to him in the preceding dialogue.
  • Perhaps the most immediate consequence of such faultless interpretation was the remarkable stillness of the audience.
  • The park itself was remarkable for the size and grouping of its timber, and was well-stocked with deer.
  • And the most remarkable part was that she had come to this state of mind through her best impulses and by the way of her generous admirations.
  • Still proceeding eastward, the shops are various, and are all remarkable for their decoration and contents.
  • Our secret circle had not held many sessions before a remarkable change took place in the character of the revelations.
  • It is remarkable that my very real affection for Margaret only became evident to me with this quarrel.
  • The farmers had had that scenery on exhibition from their mountain roosts all their lives, and had never noticed anything remarkable about it.
  • She wanted to find some defect in him, but he had nothing remarkable but a ring of brown curling hair under his chin.
  • It is remarkable for bold imagination, wonderfully rapid action, and continued and absorbing interest.
  • It showed, however, that he had at least the merit of knowing the remarkable facts in the history of his country.
  • And it is remarkable that, contrary to general experience, he became much more enterprising in advanced years than he had been in youth.
  • Elizabeth of Crete, for that is the name by which she is generally known, is a very remarkable woman.
  • This, however, he held to be remarkable rather than ennobling, and such boasts as he made of it were tinged with playfulness.
  • Her round face wore an expression of kindness and good humour, and was remarkable for a pair of fine large intelligent black eyes.
  • The story of those is better told in her own remarkable letters, which began shortly to appear in certain magazines; and in the book that followed.
  • The cottage is in no wise remarkable in itself; but I regarded it with reverence, for it had been the asylum of a persecuted author.
  • It strikes me as very remarkable that Carl cannot be persuaded to go into good society, where he might amuse himself in a creditable manner.
  • If the English wish to do anything at all remarkable for you, they must combine, so that it may be well worth your while to go there.
  • Keith was not consciously watching Mr. Rimmon, but the change in him was so remarkable that it astonished him.
  • He was now as remarkable for loquacity as formerly for the opposite characteristic; and his keenness of observation and retentive memory were a theme of general admiration.
  • His figure was not less remarkable for elegance than strength; and he particularly excelled in all those manly exercises and accomplishments in which grace or activity are required.
  • It was remarkable how this ordinarily cautious and discreet person was changed in manner, as though he was well assured that he would never more have a master over him.
  • The style is remarkable for clearness and strength, and for its picturesque use of images drawn from the rural and pastoral life which the prophet had led in his youth.
  • Suddenly, but quietly and painlessly, on the evening of April 24, 1891, passed away one of the most remarkable men of the present century.
  • At the end of a year he was to all intents and purposes ten years old; and what was most remarkable about this swift advance lay in the fact that a year had seen the whole of it.

Short Example Sentence for Remarkable

  • And then something remarkable happened.
  • This is perhaps the most remarkable of all our quadrupeds.
  • Again my remarkable presence of mind came to my rescue.
  • The most remarkable part of the story is yet to come.
  • It has no remarkable Edifice.
  • The most remarkable thing about him was that he never grew up.
  • The history of this remarkable man is singular and romantic.
  • Other remarkable compromises had also to be made with the spirit of the age.
  • The character of Turenne was more remarkable for solidity than for brilliancy.
  • He has written some remarkable plays, I don't say he hasn't.

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