Reparation in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Reparation

1. It is the only reparation in my power. 🔊

2. It was the sole reparation that she could make. 🔊

3. Is there no repentance, no reparation possible? 🔊

4. If yet there be of reparation aught This hand can give. 🔊

5. The Reparation Commission has no discretion to modify this. 🔊

6. But there can be reparation for the damage done to machinery. 🔊

7. Don't you know that reparation was due to him from me? 🔊

8. The principle of penalty is not the reparation of damage caused. 🔊

9. My father used to say that there could be no other reparation for a blow. 🔊

10. I was not, and I owe you some reparation for the pain my folly brings you. 🔊

11. No attempt should be made to extract Reparation payments from Austria. 🔊

How to use Reparation in Sentences?

1. By what constant oversight, by what persistency of reparation is it preserved from ruin! 🔊

2. For every other crime some reparation can be made; but if we take away life, we take away all. 🔊

3. For he who does the wrong, and then asks pardon, Makes but a sorry reparation for it. 🔊

4. The only reparation that I can now make, is to tell you the whole truth, without reservation. 🔊

5. It is the smallest reparation I can make for the long years of pain I have caused her. 🔊

6. The United States demanded that the American flag be saluted as reparation for the insult. 🔊

7. It was one of those things which could not be undone, and for which there was no reparation possible. 🔊

8. All that she now wished was to find out her husband, and by her future conduct to make reparation for the past. 🔊

9. The dictator did not make reparation for the "affronts and indignities" he had committed; but his day was over. 🔊