Replied in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Replied

1. He replied to her in the same tongue. 🔊

2. She replied she did not know where he was. 🔊

3. Richard had replied in terms which delighted the squire. 🔊

4. Banfi manfully replied on every count. 🔊

5. The four men who had been on guard replied in the negative. 🔊

6. I replied that Anthony had mentioned it. 🔊

7. Miss Macpherson replied in the negative. 🔊

8. Mr. Cone replied with polite interest. 🔊

9. The Minister of Marine replied with fulsome compliments. 🔊

10. I have replied that "Huckleberry Finn" was Frank F. 🔊

11. The young fisherman replied that the experience would please him. 🔊

12. He replied that he had, three months before he made his confession. 🔊

13. With all my heart," replied the pretty girl. 🔊

14. Certainly,' replied his father, carelessly. 🔊

15. God only knows," replied the old dame, sighing. 🔊

16. Major Eyre quietly replied that he intended to defend himself to the utmost. 🔊

17. Now and then," replied Archie guardedly. 🔊

18. Tis only a little carnival jest," replied Banfi, laughing. 🔊

How to use Replied in Sentences?

1. We replied by barricading the narrow doorway with poles and planks which we found within. 🔊

2. Marmaduke nerved himself by a strong effort, and replied to this toast with feeling and eloquence. 🔊

3. But Ford replied that he would advance money only on the delivery of the completed manuscript. 🔊

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