Respiration in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Respiration

1. In whom is respiration most frequent? 🔊

2. How may the murmur of respiration be heard? 🔊

3. Artificial respiration was begun, then and there. 🔊

4. The object of respiration is, 1st. 🔊

5. Insects, respiration of, 171. 🔊

6. Digestion, organs of respiration and, 87. 🔊

7. Seventh day, respiration irregular (217). 🔊

8. Can respiration be suspended for any considerable length of time? 🔊

9. His respiration was almost suspended as he watched its coming. 🔊

10. How is it proved that respiration and animal heat are closely connected? 🔊

11. In the growing season respiration goes on at a vigorous rate. 🔊

12. Dane suspended his very respiration as he strained his eyes, and listened. 🔊

13. No one can doubt that respiration and animal heat are closely connected. 🔊

How to use Respiration in Sentences?

1. What important distinction in the effects of respiration of animals and plants? 🔊

2. The bark of trees carries on the work of respiration in the absence of the leaves. 🔊

3. At last I fetched my respiration with greater freedom, and no more heard the howling of the blast. 🔊

4. Digestion and respiration are the processes, by which the food is converted into blood for the nourishment of the body. 🔊

5. The girl's respiration was so faint that one might have thought she did not breathe at all. 🔊

6. One of the precursory symptoms of consumption is the feeble murmur of respiration in the upper part of the lungs. 🔊