Reverential in a sentence

Definition of Reverential

Showing or characterized by reverence; respectful.

How to use Reverential in a Sentence?

  • This reverential love of the natives is the one thing which does not admit of a doubt.
  • It has observed a reverential attitude to truth, from whatever quarter it might come.
  • No doubt one to retail in reverential tones, but a most thrilling adventure none the less.
  • This reverential treatment of sacred subjects is characteristic of all the Sevillian painters.
  • Now I had nothing in my heart but a vast pity and reverential tenderness for her.
  • There, with reverential tenderness, the young Duke of Hereward greeted his bride.
  • There was not a trace of difference from the ordinary in his composed harsh reverential manner to her ladyship.
  • But you are not a whit the better for solemn and reverential feelings about a mysterious, invisible world.
  • Her whole bearing was an inimitable blending of shyness and archness, tempered by almost reverential respect.
  • And Willan's own look began to grow less reverential and more eager as he listened.
  • A reverential regard for religious observances, and religious opinions, is a distinguishing trait of a refined mind.
  • Nothing sets so wide a mark "between the vulgar and the noble seed" as the respect and reverential love of womanhood.
  • He took care to find fault but seldom; and therefore when he did rebuke, he was listened to with a kind of reverential awe.
  • He was strongly attached to the Church, and attended its public services with most reverential and undeviating regularity.
  • A certain reverential feeling, due to a site from which had gone forth the issues of life and death, kept the place intact.
  • And let love's fond and reverential eye Alone behold the star new risen in the sky!
  • He loved God, and always spoke of him with a reverential smile, because his very name made him happy.
  • The best moments of life are these delicious awakenings of the higher powers, and the reverential withdrawing of nature before its God.
  • It is well, therefore, if occasionally, with reverential spirit, we try to set in order the fragments of those that still remain.
  • Nobody minded her much but Mary, who was motherly, kind, and reverential always to the inane beauty.
  • Anna was perplexed; unquestionably a new and reverential air was perceptible in Anna; the detection of it was fuel to my fires of rebellion.
  • At the door she spoke in low, imperative tones to the motionless Allode, who dropped to his knees and muttered a reverential response.
  • Wednesday morning 'Elijah' was performed, and of this I cannot exaggerate my reverential admiration.
  • The Irish peasantry carefully avoid trespassing on those sacred precincts, and indeed scarcely ever pass them without making a reverential bow.
  • By hearing this narration, O hero, one acquireth a reverential frame of mind, which conduceth to much good.
  • So, too, he writes to Winthrop, who had taken part in his banishment, letters full of reverential tenderness and hearty friendship.
  • In that variety of natural utterances, he could find something accordant with every passage of his sermon, were it of tenderness or reverential fear.
  • O let them gaze with reverential awe on that lance which entering into his adorable side drew from it blood and water, and on that cross to which he was nailed and on which he died for our salvation.

Short Example Sentence for Reverential

  • Provoke a reverential smile.
  • They are creatures of omen and of reverential dread.
  • He removed the covering with reverential hands.
  • Uttering the unheard voice of reverential thought.
  • Hortense entertained for the first consul a feeling of reverential fear.
  • A man ought to have known by instinct about those reverential gloves.
  • The appearance of them spoke of use indeed, but of reverential treatment.
  • We have heard your prayers, your solemn groans and your reverential amens.
  • And the Baron was just crazy over her in his dignified, reverential way.
  • Of this reverential admiration, however, Kateri was quite unconscious.
  • As round the envoy of the God With reverential steps he trod.
  • Dr. Bellair was Dr. Bellair, and she had a reverential affection for her.

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