Reviewing in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Reviewing

1. Perhaps reviewing is not exactly a form of literature. 🔊

2. There are three ways of reviewing a book. 🔊

3. Xerxes was at Phaleron reviewing his fleet. 🔊

4. However, actually reviewing the majority of this stuff is impossible. 🔊

5. He was fond of reviewing his actions, their causes, and their effects. 🔊

6. In reviewing a work of fiction, don't give away the plot. 🔊

7. I did not notice your fine work in reviewing the Clouston treatise. 🔊

8. I stood there reviewing the past, puzzled, utterly unable to account for it. 🔊

9. I now conclude my narrative, by reviewing briefly what I have written. 🔊

10. It must be with Adelaide, he thought, rapidly reviewing his past. 🔊

11. So Andrew, reviewing the past three weeks, was prey to a passionate regret. 🔊

How to use Reviewing in Sentences?

1. I cannot on reviewing my work accuse myself of lack of candor nor yet of undue enthusiasm. 🔊

2. She spoke thoughtfully, as if reviewing what was not altogether clear in her own mind. 🔊

3. It is a vice, not a virtue, of reviewing to be lukewarm either in the one or the other. 🔊

4. They commenced the business by reviewing their forces, to the number of one hundred thousand men. 🔊

5. He sat thus reviewing these things and smoking leisurely, in the manner of a satisfied man. 🔊

6. For reviewing phonograms and fixing the vowel sounds as well, the following game is used. 🔊

7. The three lines were all formed within twenty minutes, ready for the reviewing officers. 🔊

8. That hot night I lay awake through many hours calmly reviewing the whole situation. 🔊

9. He was reviewing his forces and mentally struggling to penetrate the pall which obscured the future. 🔊

10. In reviewing her subjects one realises afresh the richness of the world she created within her own darkness. 🔊

11. Major-General Edwin V. Sumner, commanding the right grand division, was the reviewing officer. 🔊

12. The various corps and subdivisions of the army were started on the march for the reviewing ground so as to reach it at about the same time. 🔊