Ring in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Ring

1. I ring the bells of birth, of marriage, and of death. 🔊

2. He didn't ring any more alarms. 🔊

3. Won't you ring the bell instead? 🔊

4. The last ring of horses was showing when he finally returned. 🔊

5. A sprig of box was thrust through the ring by which the cross was suspended. 🔊

6. There was a strange hollow ring in it, and the servant wondered. 🔊

7. The ring shone on the new-made wife's finger. 🔊

8. She has something To ring into his ears his whole life long. 🔊

9. At this moment the hand and ring were moved close to me and I looked again. 🔊

10. Karo-Karo is a ring of sand in the sea, with a few thousand cocoa-nut trees. 🔊

11. The ring with which my daughter was expos'd. CHREM. 🔊

12. He heard the ring of his wife's alarm and bounded up the stairs. 🔊

How to use Ring in Sentences?

1. I know it by the iron ring by which a leathern strap fastened it round his wrist. 🔊

2. They were merry and gamesome, and made their flimsy theatre ring with laughter. 🔊

3. It was repeated to the others, and went round the ring with low cries of incredulity. 🔊

4. Some die out at once; others felicitously tickle the public ear and ring far and wide. 🔊

5. The bell was too high for Prince to reach it or he might have learned to ring it. 🔊

6. There was a genuine ring to his appeal now, and Brigham was quick to answer it. 🔊

7. He drew out a money-order ring that he had won in a mountain poker game, and flashed the stone in the sun. 🔊