Roof in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Roof

1. Nick fly away with the roof of it! 🔊

2. It was sacrificed to keep a roof over your head. 🔊

3. It must have a good roof to keep it dry in stormy weather. 🔊

4. We were a fortnight under the roof of kind Sig. 🔊

5. I'm going to get the cow on to the roof to eat it. 🔊

6. In bed or wheel chair he joins other convalescents on the roof terrace. 🔊

7. I threw open the window and stepped out upon the roof of the tea-room. 🔊

8. A view of the beach from that roof to-night would make a great moving picture. 🔊

9. Here Rosa and her brother made a roof garden and planted flowers. 🔊

10. Ever to find a refuge; food, and raiment, And roof to fly to. 🔊

How to use Roof in Sentences?

1. He sat down on one of the fallen rafters of the roof and considered what it was best to do next. 🔊

2. His room was in the new part of the house, and his window looked out on the roof of the L annex. 🔊

3. But just as I caught a glimpse of the straw roof I perceived that I was too late. 🔊

4. This specimen was taken from the thatched roof of a house at the edge of the forest and contained the remains of a small mammal. 🔊

5. The roof was painted red, there was an imitation chimney and a double open doorway in front trimmed with green. 🔊

6. That roof was six inches deep in snow, and the snow had an ice-crust upon it which was as slick as glass. 🔊