Rooted in a sentence

Definition of Rooted

Having roots, or certain type of roots. | Fixed in one position; immobile; unable to move. | (figuratively) Ingrained, as through repeated use; entrenched; habitual or instinctive.

How to use Rooted in a Sentence?

  • In its social relationships are rooted the things that are best in all our lives.
  • It is rooted in most cases in ancient traditions to which no alien rulers can appeal.
  • It avails nothing to stigmatize a faith so deeply rooted and so universal as mere superstition.
  • He took courtship as an art, and had his own rooted ideas as to how women should be treated.
  • And will you, then, desire to be fixed and rooted like a plant in the same place?
  • The injustice which society contains, instead of being rooted out of it, is generalised.
  • He remarks that "these traditions are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people of this province".
  • Even now I feel my cheek aglow with shame, that burns its passage to my rooted hair.
  • No evil was ever more deeply rooted in a country than is slavery in the United States.
  • Awe-struck, despite himself, he vainly tries To fly, but rooted to the spot he stays.
  • Gambling in its many-headed forms is too deeply rooted in human hearts to awaken any great antipathy.
  • The plant is rooted in the mire at the bottom of the pond, and grows up through the water to the surface.
  • From this exceptional commentary it can be seen what was the current and rooted opinion of the character of business men in general.
  • Perhaps it was that rooted hatred a boxer instinctively acquires of anything in the shape of unfair play that influenced him.
  • I will smother down all my pride, my reserve, the horrible suspiciousness which is rooted in my nature.
  • We have left it flourishing in the middle of the field, having rooted up or cut down all that kept it from the eyes and admiration of the world.
  • But vanity, though unconquerably rooted in me by nature and habit, was no longer overlooked as a venial error.
  • An army of hermit crabs scuttled and rustled away before him as he advanced up the beach, but under the palms no pigs rooted and grunted.
  • I was not granted this gift, rooted in the purest philanthropy, and therefore capable of helping each individual to salvation in his own way.
  • She had a rooted aversion to taking baths, and would never brush her teeth unless some one stood over her and saw it done.
  • His pride and quick-tempered honor were rooted in a desire to stand well in the eyes of his equals, not in a desire to stand well with himself.
  • Holding the book partly open, she felt all her nerves and muscles strained as if in some physical effort; her feet were rooted to the spot.
  • Sperver, motionless, his eyes riveted on the fearful object before him, and his mouth open with astonishment, stood as if rooted to the earth.
  • No sooner does a green thing get safely rooted than Miss Nancy snatches it up and sets it elsewhere.
  • A great mainmast rooted from the bowels of a French war-ship of old type was erected in a clear open space that lay almost like a deck around it.
  • He is too deeply rooted in the substance of his community for that: or it is on the ground and in the atmosphere of an assured community that his individuality is to be made to flourish.

Short Example Sentence for Rooted

  • Art is rooted in intoxication.
  • He rooted the whole outfit over.
  • All liberties were thus rooted out.
  • I stood rooted to the ground.
  • What they haint taken has been rooted in the ground.
  • For a moment the boy was rooted to the spot.
  • She lacked the fundamental experience of a rooted life.
  • Tradition dies hard when it is rooted in such firm ground.
  • Horror of the supernatural is not very deeply rooted in us, after all.
  • The sun marked the five men rooted for an instant on the hillside.
  • Banfi stood there with a bloodless face, and his feet rooted to the ground.
  • She was part of his little territory, the rooted centre of the world.
  • But Elizabeth stood rooted to the ground, studying the picture.
  • And whose that generous princely mien, E'en rooted foes admire?

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