Salvation in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Salvation

1. It was the salvation of me. 🔊

2. They are the salvation of the present rulers. 🔊

3. God desires the salvation of all men. 🔊

4. Hence he really did not design the salvation of all men. 🔊

5. The salvation preached was fitted for all men. 🔊

6. It was her salvation, the salvation of the situation. 🔊

7. Our salvation "is not of the law," but "by grace" or favor. 🔊

8. One was formerly a major in the Salvation Army. 🔊

9. Section I. God desires the salvation of all men. 🔊

10. Seeks The Salvation of All Men. 🔊

11. And Seeks The Salvation of All Men. 🔊

12. Your salvation lies in the opposite direction from where flags are waving. 🔊

13. It is, as the last extract shows, the state of salvation in Buddhism. 🔊

14. A ruler's every act and word may mean the ruin or the salvation of thousands. 🔊

How to use Salvation in Sentences?

1. The theory of salvation by merit is the most disastrous risk that the human heart can take. 🔊

2. In other words, if he really and sincerely seeks the salvation of all, why are not all saved? 🔊

3. For now was at hand, according to him, the day of his salvation and the accepted time. 🔊

4. He says he won't come and see me, and he ain't a preacher nor Salvation Army neither. 🔊

5. All that there was to benefit from salvation was the relief that it brought to the saved, and those close to them. 🔊

6. Without religious worship all are agreed that there can be no salvation for man, no order in society. 🔊

7. He also exhorted that every one should attend well to the salvation of his own soul and to that of his deceased and living friends. 🔊