Satisfied in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Satisfied

1. But we are not satisfied to stop at this point. 🔊

2. This entirely satisfied the crowd. 🔊

3. He was satisfied that his case was not hopeless. 🔊

4. He was always satisfied with the performance. 🔊

5. Or those neat, admiring, satisfied little wives? 🔊

6. Thank you, I am perfectly satisfied here. 🔊

7. Gray was beginning to feel thoroughly satisfied with himself again. 🔊

8. I was satisfied she was not in the party, unaccountable as that seemed to be. 🔊

9. He was pleased and satisfied as his eye ran over the front of the old store. 🔊

10. Her eyes showed that she knew, and he was satisfied and proceeded. 🔊

11. Griffiths satisfied himself by a long look, then ripped out a wrathful oath. 🔊

12. Her ignorant, weak-minded father was entirely satisfied with the proceeding. 🔊

13. Would a plantation, an orange-grove, have satisfied the desperate young man? 🔊

14. But President Edwards is not satisfied with this distinction. 🔊

How to use Satisfied in Sentences?

1. She is quite satisfied not to be happy herself, so long as she can make sure of our unhappiness. 🔊

2. But he wore an aspect of satisfied composure, tempered only by his habitual haughtiness. 🔊

3. It is the administrative justice of God that has been satisfied by the atonement. 🔊

4. The youth, satisfied with the promise of the Caliph, went to the shores of the Tigris. 🔊

5. Hanger considered himself bound to ask the stranger whether he was satisfied with his recommendation. 🔊

6. He stole into the heart of the grove and satisfied himself that our game had not appropriated it as a camping-place. 🔊

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