Satisfy in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Satisfy

1. What he saw there did not satisfy him. 🔊

2. Merely to see and satisfy his fear. 🔊

3. But the latent tremor in her voice did not satisfy the man. 🔊

4. Go in; remove their doubts, and satisfy them. 🔊

5. This did not appear to satisfy Dave. 🔊

6. What needs there more to satisfy his Ambition? 🔊

7. What is to be done to satisfy the Wesleyans or Methodists? 🔊

8. Well, there is a very simple way for you to satisfy yourself. 🔊

9. The young man glanced at her, and the glance appeared to satisfy him. 🔊

10. If he don't satisfy you, go to the Captain. 🔊

11. I'm goin' to take you where you'll git real fightin' enough to satisfy you. 🔊

How to use Satisfy in Sentences?

1. We are not in a position to satisfy the desire for sensation with a cabinet of horrors. 🔊

2. At the end of the concerto the applause was generous enough to satisfy the most exacting virtuoso. 🔊

3. He bent over him to satisfy himself the sleep was not feigned, and then turned towards the horses. 🔊

4. Evidently you only work to satisfy the wants of others, that others may work to satisfy yours. 🔊

5. In a few words Shirley told him enough of her trouble to satisfy his curiosity. 🔊

6. He had not yet put a question to her as to Beatrix, and she made haste to satisfy him. 🔊

7. And if that don't satisfy them, they'll add a bottle of brandy, or rum, or some other spirit. 🔊

8. If I had been content to loiter on the path heretofore, no amount of haste could satisfy me now. 🔊

9. The captain bade them "Good day!" and immediately began to satisfy his curiosity. 🔊

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