Scalps In A Sentence

Definition of Scalps

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of scalp | plural of scalp

How To Use Scalps In A Sentence?

  • The scalps taken in battle are drawn over small hoops, and hung on the top of the tent-poles.
  • The fact that the Sumerians shaved their scalps and faces is highly suggestive in this connection.
  • The brave, swelling with pride, then pointed to the fresh and bloody scalps hanging on the pole.
  • We shall wipe the floor of the mill-pond with the scalps of able-bodied British tars!
  • Mrs. Dustin kept those scalps for many years, showing them to her friends to amuse them.
  • One band of Shawnees he sent to Ohio to scout and take scalps in the settlements.
  • That would never do: three scalps in trade for one was a poor count, to the Crows.
  • The scouts brought their prisoner, and the scalps of the two slain warriors, back to Wayne.
  • In the battle which followed, the defenders were defeated with great slaughter and many scalps were taken.
  • It seemed as if it would strip the scalps from our heads, in spite of all our capes and comforters and veils.
  • Therefore, when an expedition was made against a hostile tribe, scalps and horses were naturally its object.
  • The victors bore the scalps well painted, at the end of long batons made to support their trophies.
  • In the war-path the young brave thought only of her, and the scalps he took were displayed to her sight in token of his prowess.
  • The prices of paintings by old masters would decline if millionaires preferred to collect another kind of scalps to decorate their wigwams.
  • Thirteen of his people, he claimed, had been killed by the whites; and thirteen white scalps should pay.
  • Presently he rode back to the buffalo wallow, and instead of four, there were eleven scalps on his bridle rein.
  • They were preparing to attack our village, for they knew the men were away, and they wanted the scalps of the women and children.
  • He felt as proud of them as a young Indian would have been of an equal number of the scalps of his enemies.
  • First take rock," he said, "then when they have the scalps of the white men they will watch us here.
  • Forty scalps at a time had been hung in the Shawnee lodges, but the spirits of their fathers and the ashes of their towns called for more.
  • Marcy and pity aint in their natur, and, fight or no fight, our scalps will dry in their wigwams if they get us into their power.
  • Most of the Rangers had lost relatives and friends in these Indian fights, and were examining the scalps carefully.
  • You never know, and therefore do not count your scalps too carefully or try to number your Israel and Judah.
  • It was now their duty to get the scalps of the San Simon four who had worked the destruction of Morgan.
  • A creeping sensation about their scalps was experienced by the two eavesdroppers on observing that they had passed not a hundred yards from a sentinel who occupied a low knoll on their left.
  • Also, she could read in the falconed frown of Mr. Masterson somewhat of that temper wherewith he had harvested those scalps on his bridle.
  • Then she scuttled all the canoes but one, and taking the scalps with her as proof of her revenge, she put the nurse and the boy into the canoe and paddled down the river.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Scalps | Scalps Sentence

  • We have their scalps and can tell where we took them.
  • The scalps and the two prisoners were plain to be seen.
  • Two of these scalps were from the heads of Indians.
  • The Indians had with them ten scalps and two prisoners.
  • The hope of scalps will have taken them all down close to the fort.
  • The scalps of the white man and his wife are in the village.
  • The enemy's loss uncertain, only two scalps being taken.
  • The lodges of the Iroquois would be full of the scalps of white men.
  • When all the last red scalps were torn They turned to find the murdered maid.
  • The Indians, however, carried thirty-six scalps across the ford.
  • If I tuk scalps I could show ye somethin'.
  • He'd be solemn and grand with the wet scalps dripping at his belt.
  • Ther's Stormy Longton, full of scalps to his gun, a bad man by nature.

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