School in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for School

1. Draw the shape of the school lot. 🔊

2. How many staircases does our school have? 🔊

3. On which side is the school yard? 🔊

4. On what street or road does your school stand? 🔊

5. On what street or road does our school stand? 🔊

6. What season gives the school janitor most work? 🔊

7. The school stands for the common home of the class. 🔊

8. In a school reader, read about how primitive people lived. 🔊

9. At length I danced with her at a school ball. 🔊

10. My first visit to the school was when I was seven. 🔊

11. This school of ours, I own, is idle: but what can you do? 🔊

12. In that school were the first Jews I had ever seen. 🔊

13. The flying school is at Eastchurch, Sheppey. 🔊

14. Our School 11 II. 🔊

15. Draw a plan to include the school and the place to be visited. 🔊

16. As you walk from the school door to your room what do you see? 🔊

17. There was not another boy in the school that could approach this feat. 🔊

18. It ran from a side door of the school house to an indefinite distance. 🔊

How to use School in Sentences?

1. Look at a plan of the entire school floor with all of the rooms and the corridor. 🔊

2. It seems that her late brother was in the same school a couple of years before me. 🔊

3. How different is your walk to school each day from that of the city boy or girl! 🔊

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