Sketches in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Sketches

1. Let me also give a brace of home sketches of Longfellow. 🔊

2. Character Sketches from Dickens. 🔊

3. With numerous Sketches by the Author. 🔊

4. After original sketches by Friedrich Kurz. 🔊

5. Nelson and his Captains; Sketches of Famous Seamen. 🔊

6. Many Sketches on Wood, and 17 Steel Engravings. 🔊

7. Many Sketches on Wood, and 13 Steel Engravings. 🔊

8. Julia had had no opportunity of taking the sketches on the lake she proposed. 🔊

9. Bodmer's sketches are far superior. 🔊

10. Masterpieces of Pulpit Oratory and biographical sketches of the speakers. 🔊

11. They were little water-color sketches done by Judy and Otoyo on oblong cards. 🔊

12. With 22 Coloured Illustrations and 70 Sketches in the Text. 🔊

13. With 22 Coloured Illustrations and numerous Sketches in the Text. 🔊

How to use Sketches in Sentences?

1. I need not say that my sketches from nature were but outlines to my finished work of art. 🔊

2. He tried to flirt with the ladies, and drew most charming sketches of land and people. 🔊

3. A collection of recitations, short stories, selections, and sketches for all occasions. 🔊

4. The rest walked on the lawn, amusing the Americans with sketches of the Doctor. 🔊

5. One of four water-color sketches by Peter Rindisbacher secured in London some years ago. 🔊

6. This work is a collection of miscellaneous sketches on the Romance of Agriculture and Rural Life. 🔊