Solemn In A Sentence

Definition of Solemn

Deeply serious and somber. | Somberly impressive. | Performed with great ceremony.

How To Use Solemn In A Sentence?

  • Nor would he suffer any violence to be done to the solemn brightness of the aria.
  • The grand and solemn movement responds to the large and simple ideas which it unfolds.
  • Besides, there were no such beautiful, solemn melodies for the piano as for the organ.
  • The mosks were closed, the fast of Ramazan neglected, the solemn seasons of prayer despised.
  • Mrs Yabsley, moved by the solemn occasion, formally introduced Chook and Pinkey.
  • How solemn the well-remembered prayers are, here uttered again in the place where in childhood we used to hear them!
  • He wrote a solemn pledge which all the officers in the house signed, binding them not to divulge the scheme.
  • Her eyes were solemn but contented as she looked into his face, and saw that in spite of his words he was as much mystified as herself.
  • There was something solemn and church-like in these surroundings which appealed at once to the Maid.
  • The boy had watched the recapture of the lifeless body in solemn silence, a red flush of color in either cheek.
  • How solemn the contrast between the stillness of that sick-chamber and the Babel of eager tongues in the house below!
  • Only once did her solemn face lighten with an inspirational flash that made Drew's heart jump.
  • It is the solemn call of the owl, as he sits among the limbs, looking out from between the branches with his great round grey eyes.
  • Miss Benette's solemn manner had great authority over the child, it was certain.
  • The roar of the water sounded deep and solemn among the old woods, as it went roaring and tumbling, and struggling through the gorge.
  • His spine straightened rigidly; a solemn light came into his eye; a cough that fairly choked with wisdom echoed from his throat.
  • Admiral Serrano, and twenty-seven of the principal officers and men, were invited to a solemn banquet.
  • Afterwards caused he the corpse to be ta'en and laid out in solemn state so that all might see it arrayed on board the King's own ship.
  • After the last solemn flutter of the mainsail the murmuring voices of the Moorsom party lingered, very frail, in the black stillness.
  • The day of the examination Squire Rawson attended, solemn and pompous with a superfluity of white shirt-front.
  • You have listened to the glad music of the woods when the morning was young, and to the solemn night voices of the forest when darkness enshrouded the earth.
  • She looked through the keyhole, and beheld the minister on his knees before her husband with uplifted hands, endeavouring to move him by solemn oaths.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Solemn | Solemn Sentence

  • It was a most solemn affair.
  • And from each patch a solemn mystery draws.
  • Her hair was black and solemn as crape.
  • Had he not taken a solemn oath to kill them on sight?
  • Christmas where snow peaks stand solemn and white.
  • What a world of solemn thought their monody compels!
  • Boyce asked her in a solemn voice and he took her hand.
  • A solemn festive greeting, to the coming day!
  • Announce the solemn dawn of Easter-day?
  • Drew's solemn eyes brightened.
  • I bowed down and kissed the turf in solemn attestation of my vow.
  • In the solemn mute moments that followed the curlew wailed again.
  • Emad-ed-deen resolved to commence his mission by the solemn call to prayer.
  • We found a diary of her solemn resolutions, all tending to practical virtue.
  • Are but the solemn decorations all Of the great tomb of man.
  • They took the solemn oath to act in the sight of God and conscientiously.
  • I must tell you that Carrie and I have made a solemn compact.
  • So am I also welcome, and may hope To mingle in your solemn company.

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