Spark in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Spark

1. He could get no spark from them. 🔊

2. Doubtless a spark was left in the wick of the altar light. 🔊

3. The spark of eagerness in her eyes was instantly curtained. 🔊

4. Whence came that vital spark blending our souls in one? 🔊

5. Was there some vital spark left out when I was born? 🔊

6. She hasn't a spark of ambition. 🔊

7. With matter's glimmering spark as checked? 🔊

8. Generally the first few months saw the divine spark drowned in beer. 🔊

9. As the last spark of flame was extinguished the girl stopped, breathless. 🔊

10. The show of resistance, the spark to kindle their brutal fury, was wanting. 🔊

How to use Spark in Sentences?

1. Then they went over the entire line of the fire to make sure every spark was extinguished. 🔊

2. This spark set the county, already smouldering with discontent, in a blaze of rebellion. 🔊

3. Not one spark of green, not one solitary lichen, can withstand the ravages of the poison. 🔊

4. A hot blue spark jumped snapping across the gap, and Bert drew a sigh of relief. 🔊

5. A single spark or so was to be seen some evenings after this, but no such large moving parties were discovered again. 🔊

6. A mixture of the two gases explodes violently when a spark is passed through it or when it is exposed to bright sunlight. 🔊

7. His voice had risen, and he was speaking in a glow that seemed to drop a spark into each listening heart. 🔊

8. For that he had felt a spark of the old enthusiasm and it had carried him into working out a bright new sales approach for the deal tonight. 🔊