Special in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Special

1. But his function is of a special kind. 🔊

2. In 1912 produced a special racer as above. 🔊

3. Many of these points of land have special names. 🔊

4. A special fellow this! who drives fools mad. 🔊

5. In special hands, I must confess. 🔊

6. You are on special duty from General Schofield. 🔊

7. A D.S.O. for Henry for special services? 🔊

8. Each station is supplied with its own special motor transport. 🔊

9. You've taken special care. 🔊

10. It looks as though that ship of his had had some special service to perform. 🔊

11. Each has a special flag and its own kind of money and postage stamps. 🔊

12. They tell him he has a special disposition for mission work, too. 🔊

13. The special pay for officers employed in aerial work is undecided. 🔊

14. He would have note-books of a special kind in which to enter his ideas. 🔊

15. He is also Germany's ablest special correspondent. 🔊

How to use Special in Sentences?

1. There is no denying that she could be useful, but her usefulness had a special tariff. 🔊

2. To receive special emphasis, the subject of a sentence must take the position of the predicate. 🔊