Spiritual in a sentence

Definition of Spiritual

Of or pertaining to the spirit or the soul. | Of or pertaining to God or a place of worship; sacred. | Of or pertaining to spirits; supernatural.

How to use Spiritual in a Sentence?

  • More than ever in those few moments she realised the spiritual qualities of his face.
  • The clergy have bronchitis, which does not seem a certificate of spiritual health.
  • He would dilate eloquently upon the bliss of living in accordance with the spiritual harmonies.
  • We must obey our spiritual affinities, or our great and glorious mission will be unfulfilled.
  • But darker, stronger grew the terror which lurked behind this spiritual carnival.
  • True, I can not assert that this state of mere spiritual aspiration would always have continued.
  • Pope Calixtus III invested its grand prior with the spiritual powers conferred on a bishop.
  • This is not the place to enter more fully into this spiritual question now struggling in the pangs of its birth.
  • Cunning cannot invent an assumption that any qualification can better serve the spiritual and temporal interests of the people than knowledge.
  • We have shown that it is by his dealings with the sinner that the foundation of his spiritual empire is secured, and its boundaries enlarged.
  • Your spiritual plane slants through many spheres, and has points of contact with a great variety of souls.
  • But Christopher had seemed neither to resent the frightfulness nor to care about the moral or spiritual consequences.
  • All of these Indians are by nature docile to the teachings and admonitions of their parish priests and spiritual fathers.
  • Nay, that they are, and were, created for the express purpose of being devoted to death, spiritual and eternal.
  • She had not lived with austerity, stood apart from temptation, fought spiritual battles, for nothing.
  • It was a spiritual swoon which Heaven sends us when the load of pain becomes greater than we can bear.
  • The child had lived in one night through an inner crisis, through a period of spiritual growth, which could not be measured by years.
  • Lloyd smiled in awe, marvelling at what he read, and almost, as if in love with the book, he sighed a spiritual praise.
  • It was instinctively, almost unconsciously, that he began to speak; it was brokenly and with a kind of inward, spiritual hoarseness.
  • The Recollect fathers were charged with the spiritual administration of this province until the year one thousand six hundred and seventy-nine.
  • A slim little fellow, with dreamy, hazel eyes set in a pale spiritual face, and what wonderful hair.
  • In Hawthorne the situation, however strange and weird, is only the outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual struggle.
  • He had found in his truly spiritual relation to Frau von Stein a safe harbor for his tempestuous feelings.
  • John Wesley, like other great men, seems to have been a symptom rather than the cause of the deep spiritual ferment associated with his name.
  • As for Archibald, he was a handsome vacancy, so to speak; a fine physical man wasted for lack of a spiritual man to carry him about and use him.
  • I have no objection to the religion of the Jew or the Christian, that is founded on the spiritual reading of the Bible.
  • The doctrine of Affinities had some time before been adopted by the circle, as a part of the Spiritual Truth.

Short Example Sentence for Spiritual

  • I am sure that he did it in spiritual pride.
  • This appears conspicuously in the spiritual world.
  • It became the spiritual mother of this war.
  • They were the spiritual masters of the Marianas.
  • Their degree of knowledge is the all that is spiritual or of good within them.
  • They chanted the appropriate hymns in each of the spiritual rooms.
  • In any case he was more or less indifferent from sheer spiritual exhaustion.
  • The silence held the suggestion of mighty spiritual things astir.
  • For he has spiritual adventures, and can take his holidays when he likes.
  • If we rise to spiritual culture, the antagonism takes a spiritual form.
  • His lordship watched George take his place beside his spiritual director.
  • No spiritual control myself will bear, Since my own spirit can exert no sway.
  • It is not yet a year since I ceased to act as a Spiritual Medium.

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