Stability in a sentence

Definition of Stability

The condition of being stable or in equilibrium, and thus resistant to change. | The tendency to recover from perturbations.

Short Example Sentence for Stability

  • 1. The stability is gone.
  • 2. Finality and stability are absent from its councils.
  • 3. Which cartilages give stability and form to the larynx?
  • 4. The stability of His throne is thy safety.
  • 5. Somehow his faith in her stability and sense was queerly shaken.
  • 6. The stability of England is the security of the modern world.

How to use Stability in a Sentence?

  • 1. He lacks that firmness and stability of character which result from mental culture.
  • 2. This gives proper stability to the figures which dominate the whole great picture.
  • 3. Its worth in exchange, dependent on public opinion of the stability and honesty of the issuer.
  • 4. The astringent quality, that should give stability and coherence, became hard and stubborn.
  • 5. Its stability and balance are increased by five "fins" at its stern; and it has also four rudders.
  • 6. Write the names and formulas for the binary acids of the group in the order of the stability of the acids.
  • 7. The emotional stability and emotional enlargement of the mind is perhaps most neglected in our educational schemes.
  • 8. For the most part people went about their business with an entirely irresponsible confidence in the stability of the universe.
  • 9. The pope alone is the shield of those moral forces which have for centuries given stability and safety to governments.
  • 10. In ordinary times, an attack upon the stability of such a corporation as his would have been impossible.
  • 11. Of rational stability of principle he had nothing, but was completely at the mercy of every novelty in speculation.
  • 12. The first airplanes had so small a factor of stability that it was almost impossible to fly them in even the gentlest breeze.
  • 13. In this way, in a fraction of a minute the wings are brought level again and lateral stability is restored.
  • 14. His cheek was cut by one, and his metal stability control was severed so that his craft started to plunge.
  • 15. On the whole, it seems to me that there is but one presiding principle which regulates and gives stability to every art.
  • 16. Truth is not conformity of ideas with supposed trans-subjective things, but coherence and stability in the system of ideas.
  • 17. In times of stress and disaster cranks and men of vivid imaginations and little mental stability inevitably spring up.
  • 18. As the ship arrives safely, her construction must be such that disturbances tend to right themselves when stability is seriously endangered.
  • 19. With the great stability given it by its three supporting surfaces it can go through the stormiest weather without the slightest need for fear.
  • 20. At the same time the triplane has greater stability and has a fair chance of reaching home even when one of its planes has been badly damaged.
  • 21. Sound sober lawmaking and fair judgment in court secure to the community a feeling of safety which gives stability to emotions and feelings.
  • 22. To the stability and prevalence of the education thus begun is the establishment of the universities of Europe attributable.
  • 23. The stability of practically every business concern depends in a very large measure upon the keenness of judgment used in its financial management.
  • 24. The new English interest was settled with as solid a stability as anything in human affairs can look for.
  • 25. It was a thoroughly good idea, for by means of its greater stability and strength, protection for the pilot and general efficiency were obtained.
  • 26. Commercial fishing in Virginia was, as the century closed, on the verge of the stability it had sorely lacked.
  • 27. St. Paul ascribes the stability of all things in heaven to the manifestation of the divine character in the redemption of our fallen race.
  • 28. Hence, there may be some little certainty, some little stability in the moral world, without supposing all things therein to be necessitated.
  • 29. With such a procedure I can see no more stability of right, no more security for justice, than under any unlimited, absolute government.
  • 30. Partnership and business insurance is much more used now than it has been heretofore and it is becoming an important element in adding to the stability of business.
  • 31. This is the first test of the stability of thy spirit, the first day of thy Rising in which it is free to thee to be sad, but not to be dismayed.
  • 32. Thus self-deprived of a valuable resource, they were driven to the discovery of some other means of giving the required cohesion and stability to their walls.
  • 33. Honestly conducted as these lotteries are generally believed to be, their very stability and the just payment of prizes but makes them the more baleful and dangerous in their influence upon the public.
  • 34. Yet the discovery of all this display of power, skill, and stability is only reading the easiest syllables of the vast literature of wisdom and power.