Steadfastness in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Steadfastness

1. The fervor and steadfastness of your faith? 🔊

2. My fidelity and steadfastness had been guaranteed by her and no one else. 🔊

3. It was Lynda's magnificent steadfastness that now appealed to Truedale. 🔊

How to use Steadfastness in Sentences?

1. His visage shone, his tongue was eloquent, his strength and steadfastness astounding. 🔊

2. A steadfastness of sweet happiness was about her, beautifying and elevating all she did and all she was. 🔊

3. At the gates was heaped up a ghastly memorial of the steadfastness of the burghers in their devotion to his cause. 🔊

4. Too many of the former gave scandalous proof that their ambition for virginal sanctity was unequalled by their steadfastness in the contest. 🔊

5. In view of all this it speaks well for Yugoslav steadfastness that they were able to maintain themselves. 🔊

6. Bent upon this, with the steadfastness of an apostle, the more sordid temptations of the world passed harmlessly over him. 🔊

7. She never so much as winked an eye, pursuing her undeviating purpose with a steadfastness worthy of a greater cause. 🔊

8. Fine courage they had: and a steadfastness in their bold design which it does a faint-hearted age good to look back upon. 🔊

9. They had in them the steadfastness which is born of struggle, but the unthinking courage of youth that has felt no care is quite a different thing. 🔊

10. There was no braggadocio, but a sweet steadfastness in the words and manner which impressed all his hearers; though it impressed them differently. 🔊

11. Not so the oak; trembling does not become him; and he watches himself in his stout old burly steadfastness without the motion of a twig. 🔊

12. God of the morning light, with the dawn of another day we come to Thee with prayer for help in the steadfastness of our manifold duties. 🔊

13. This depends on many reasons, beginning with the international situation and ending with the degree of single-mindedness and steadfastness of the working class. 🔊

14. It says much for the steadfastness of our convictions, that in this new crisis of affairs the old resolution to seek a country life passed unquestioned. 🔊

15. The two tittering girls stopped their staccato giggling for a moment, then resumed with a steadfastness of purpose that somehow robbed the effect of spontaneity. 🔊