Stiff in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Stiff

1. Such a stiff little thing. 🔊

2. Though a trifle stiff for my fancy. 🔊

3. Is she sort of stiff and dried-up? 🔊

4. He attempted to sit up but was too sore and stiff to move. 🔊

5. Again his good horse was urged to a stiff gallop. 🔊

6. Mixing with water they made a stiff paste or dough. 🔊

7. It was too stiff to move, and he used his knuckles. 🔊

8. At first she sat as stiff as a post, without stirring. 🔊

9. Pretty stiff session," he commented. 🔊

10. A black night is necessary; a stiff bamboo rod, and a dark lantern. 🔊

11. I found myself standing, stiff and shivering, in a certain little Texas town. 🔊

12. It was so cold that the world seemed as stiff and stark as a poet's hell. 🔊

How to use Stiff in Sentences?

1. Here all was formal, stiff repressed; that gayety was real, that merriment was sincere. 🔊

2. The maid, who would have shone among many women, looked stiff and dull by contrast. 🔊

3. So our Sunday mornings were a bit stiff and disappointing, but our afternoons were heavenly. 🔊

4. The colt raised its head, struggled, put out one stiff fore leg, and then the other. 🔊

5. With stiff stealthiness he approached the break again, pretending a hesitancy that he enjoyed immensely. 🔊

6. Ashe turned his head over his shoulder, and for a few seconds did not move it again, but stood as if with a stiff neck. 🔊

7. But at last even his patience was exhausted, and he sent the squire a pretty stiff letter about the arrears due. 🔊

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