Subject in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Subject

1. The subject revolted me. 🔊

2. On this subject his language is perfectly explicit. 🔊

3. It is a subject for a sketch, not for a book. 🔊

4. No other subject is possible; I can think of nothing else. 🔊

5. Humor is a subject which has never had much interest for me. 🔊

6. I do not care that my feelings should be made a subject of discussion. 🔊

7. But it would be well to avoid the subject as much as possible. 🔊

8. But, fortunately, we are subject to no such miserable bondage. 🔊

9. The subject under discussion on the night in question was Dreams. 🔊

How to use Subject in Sentences?

1. I ought to have spoken about it to you before; but the subject is a delicate one. 🔊

2. Is it possible to conceive of a better method of obscuring a subject than such a course? 🔊

3. Redistribution is subject to the trademark license, especially commercial redistribution. 🔊

4. We shall proceed to subject this to a more searching and a more, satisfactory test. 🔊

5. He simply revolved the subject in mind, because he was by nature prone to such meditations. 🔊

6. A subject coming first in its sentence may be emphatic, but hardly by its position alone. 🔊

7. To receive special emphasis, the subject of a sentence must take the position of the predicate. 🔊

8. However, never mind those trifling incidents; my subject is the mesmerizer, now. 🔊

9. The doctrine of Edwards on this subject destroys the harmony of the divine attributes. 🔊

10. What, then, is the subject of which the apostle treats in the ninth chapter of Romans? 🔊

11. The beginning of each paragraph is a signal to him that a new step in the development of the subject has been reached. 🔊

12. More commonly the opening sentence simply indicates by its subject with what the paragraph is to be principally concerned. 🔊

13. On this subject we shall now proceed to unfold our views in as orderly and perspicuous a manner as possible. 🔊