Subjugate in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Subjugate

1. It is the subjugate instrument of the blood. 🔊

2. Instead of depending on circumstances we subjugate them. 🔊

3. No power, not even that of our Spaniards, has been able to subjugate them. 🔊

4. Abyssinia, though Italy attempted to subjugate it, is again also independent. 🔊

How to use Subjugate in Sentences?

1. Had he but affected generosity that he might the more completely subjugate her? 🔊

2. It has isolated interests in order to subjugate them; it has sundered all to enfeeble all. 🔊

3. Gen. Daumas would have France subjugate this country and add it to her African dominions. 🔊

4. That the knowledge about it was subdued by fanatic religious rulers, in their attempt to subjugate total control over them. 🔊

5. Nor was she a proud beauty desirous to subjugate the other sex; and drag them triumphantly at her chariot wheels. 🔊

6. Every religion, in its origin, was a restraint invented by legislators who wished to subjugate the minds of the common people. 🔊

7. The difficulty with the Creek Indians arising; Jackson with his characteristic energy helped to subjugate them. 🔊

8. Glory and aggrandizement based upon injustice brings its own reward, and when a people subjugate and exploit another, they must inevitably pay the price of their own brutality and injustice. 🔊

9. Through twenty months of war we have been engaged in a fruitless attempt to subjugate our purchased victims, and we have been cajoled, continually, by the declaration that the war was ended. 🔊

10. The lines of her head and figure too, half guessed and half revealed, and wholly light and graceful, had caught his fancy and created a desire to subjugate her. 🔊