Success in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Success

1. What a splendid success she has had! 🔊

2. It met with the success it deserved. 🔊

3. The success of the play was brief. 🔊

4. If it must be waged, is success the highest duty? 🔊

5. The success of the combined movements was rapid and complete. 🔊

6. There is a tradition that success was finally accomplished by whipping. 🔊

7. What can you say about the commercial success of the step-by-step method? 🔊

How to use Success in Sentences?

1. Its success was almost unprecedented in his own words he awoke and found himself famous. 🔊

2. He did so, however, with more success than the scantiness of his resources promised. 🔊

3. One was finally adopted and great success was achieved, and remains standard at the present time. 🔊

4. Great was the rejoicing when Rolla was reached, and the success of the expedition became known. 🔊

5. He returned to Hungary early in 1910, but meeting no success there came back to America. 🔊

6. The most marked success has come as a result of the studies of Professor Michael Idvorsky Pupin. 🔊

7. He had better success with the binnacle lamp, which was lighted only after many collective attempts. 🔊

8. The contrivance claims to be mentioned as his first success in mechanics, foreshadowing his future expertness. 🔊

9. Dieskau, emboldened by the success of his previous advance, led his troops towards the lake in battle array. 🔊

10. Altogether it was a great success as a celebration and a happy augury of the future into which it ushered the expectant Patricia. 🔊

11. To admit that she was not a success in her small social world, proved her, he felt, to be both frank and courageous. 🔊

12. I insisted that this success would be cheaply bought, even if it cost, as it probably would, a hundred lives. 🔊

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