Sudden in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Sudden

1. But here a sudden difficulty arose. 🔊

2. And then this cruel and sudden death. 🔊

3. A sudden quaking seized me. 🔊

4. Then came again the sudden crafty look. 🔊

5. Then he fell back with a sharp and sudden exclamation. 🔊

6. I was governed merely by a sudden and thoughtless impulse. 🔊

7. Ida asked, with sudden sympathy. 🔊

8. Then, in a sudden expansion of youth she wondered. 🔊

9. Three hours later there came a sudden change for the worse. 🔊

10. All of a sudden I woke with a cry. 🔊

11. The man who held Pep gave him a sudden fling. 🔊

12. Patricia forgot Miss Merton in her sudden interest. 🔊

13. Lumley was staring up at him with sudden fierce suspicion in his glance. 🔊

14. All of a sudden she thought she heard something move behind her. 🔊

15. A sudden noise without brought him back with a shock to present surroundings. 🔊

16. I cannot tell you how happy I was at this sudden change in my situation. 🔊

How to use Sudden in Sentences?

1. He had no idea of being cheated out of it by a sudden fit of unreasonable squeamishness. 🔊

2. Nothing is so warm, and enthusiastic as a sudden expansion of the heart between young men. 🔊

3. If any one had made an unexpected move just then, there would have been sudden death in that camp. 🔊

4. The sudden passion of tropical rain dies away, leaving an atmosphere of unearthly transparency. 🔊