Suddenly in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Suddenly

1. Elinor suddenly seemed enlightened. 🔊

2. She felt suddenly very lonely. 🔊

3. Have you suddenly become ambitious? 🔊

4. I feared to break in suddenly upon her. 🔊

5. He looked up suddenly from under his bushy eyebrows. 🔊

6. The forest suddenly teems with life. 🔊

7. He sat down suddenly as if on purpose to stare. 🔊

8. It suddenly gave a dreadful cry and fell. 🔊

9. He woke suddenly with a strange sense of terror upon him. 🔊

10. He suddenly again addressed me in English. 🔊

11. The lout was suddenly struck by what I said. 🔊

12. Lumley suddenly turn his horse in a totally different direction. 🔊

13. Then he suddenly bent down and drew a rough circle on the sand. 🔊

14. Lumley glared at him for a moment, and then suddenly yielded. 🔊

15. He was suddenly surrounded by gentlemen, the members of the committee. 🔊

16. My spirit had been suddenly aroused, and was now all awake within me. 🔊

17. Sange Moarte gave a start, as if suddenly aroused out of a deep sleep. 🔊

How to use Suddenly in Sentences?

1. The flame of love went suddenly out in my bosom; or was extinguished by overwhelming shame. 🔊

2. The resolution, thus suddenly aroused within me, heaved a load from off my heart. 🔊

3. The Prince was suddenly seized with a paroxysm of mirth, he could scarcely speak for laughing. 🔊

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