Suffragist in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Suffragist

1. I'm a suffragist on twenty counts. 🔊

How to use Suffragist in Sentences?

1. Small wonder that the American suffragist claims for her vote the most miraculous powers. 🔊

2. Off and on, I should say at least fifty Colorado women have tried to make a suffragist of me. 🔊

3. I want to convince the woman suffragist that the greatest curse she can precipitate upon her sex is the ballot. 🔊

4. A suffragist would no more have marshalled her arguments for the overthrow of an equal than she would have corrected a point of etiquette. 🔊

5. If an anti were setting forth her views when a suffragist entered the room she instantly ceased and began to talk about humidity or the Balkans. 🔊

6. Now the woman suffragist in Germany differs from the American suffragist in that she is always a member of a political party. 🔊

7. I'm a suffragist because I want the rest of mankind to have what we've had in Homeburg for the last twenty years or so. 🔊

8. Nothing showed the duplicate nature of the suffragist movement more than the great variety of deportment of women in the London streets during that time. 🔊