Supercilious in a sentence

Definition of Supercilious

Arrogantly superior; showing contemptuous indifference; haughty.

How to use Supercilious in a Sentence?

  • In a duel nothing is so wounding as the supercilious self-restraint of an opponent.
  • But no crayon could convey an idea of the squeaky voice and the supercilious manner.
  • His portraits make him appear a most supercilious character, and doubtless he was.
  • Peter glimpsed a very yellow, supercilious face swinging in his direction from the padding throng.
  • His hands crawled in their restraint, in their lust to batter upon that supercilious face.
  • But the glance wherewith he favoured them was one of supercilious command, almost of hostility.
  • That confounded clean-cut, supercilious beast had worn him out and never tried a spurt.
  • Her ladyship honoured the speaker with a slow, supercilious stare, and deigned no other answer.
  • He spoke with a supercilious scorn which impressed Harry, but which he did not wholly admire.
  • Mr Benham, on the other hand, was apt to wax stern and slightly supercilious when on his mettle.
  • The East, supercilious and white of shirt, should avoid a narrow view of Western men and manners.
  • Then she would long for them and admit that doubtless she had merely imagined their supercilious pity.
  • What did he mean by speaking in that supercilious tone of the loveliest and sweetest woman in the world?
  • He was no longer either disposed to treat him with the supercilious air in which he did on their first acquaintance.
  • With it he braved the supercilious doorkeeper; with it he forced the fellow to lift his intolerable eyelids.
  • He would also be quite unmannerly and supercilious during the consultation if his presumption were not at once restrained by a sharp reminder.
  • Maria opened the door, and then wrinkled up her forehead and screwed up her lips in a supercilious smile.
  • Even the outside passengers have an erect and supercilious air, as if proof against the accidents of the journey.
  • To the incorrect in morals or professional conduct, he was irreconcileably supercilious and invariably severe.
  • I read it with the greatest interest, and congratulate you on your vigorous refutation of that supercilious and hollow materialism.
  • Ronald could not help feeling that his manner on the present occasion was colder than ever, and somewhat supercilious into the bargain.
  • For three-quarters of a century our 'amour propre' was constantly kept raw by the most supercilious patronage.
  • He had something of a supercilious air, although the expression of youthful innocence and honesty was still evident on his face.
  • Farming became a conundrum worthy of the best brain, and one at which the supercilious could ill afford to scoff.
  • The clerk, who departed in no wise from the casual specifications of his supercilious breed, glanced at the hand contemptuously.
  • If we wonder what another man sees in his friend, it should be the wonder of humility, not the supercilious wonder of pride.
  • The hunchback stopped his horse in the road below me, squared himself in his saddle, and looked up with a great supercilious grin.
  • Caradoc grunted disapproval of such doubtful table talk, arose and left the rough company and rough fare with supercilious condemnation.
  • They stood round in the dim light, tall and fantastic, with the high necks and supercilious heads of the camels swaying above them.
  • He was not one to hold prejudice because of race, but this Mexican had a manner supercilious and conceited that inspired resentment.

Short Example Sentence for Supercilious

  • Its government is tyrannical, supercilious and absurd.
  • A supercilious smile said No.
  • Theodore raised his eyebrows in his favourite supercilious fashion.
  • The broker glanced at the contents of the box with a supercilious smile.
  • Silla pouted; her whole expression was one of supercilious disavowal.
  • He included the three in a supercilious nod, and left the room.
  • My gray thought him a supercilious snob, no doubt, and hated him.
  • Martin gave a cold, supercilious smile, the only reply to these words.
  • Meanwhile the German looked around the room with a supercilious smile.
  • A supercilious cry rent the air as the Duke staggered on his patrician limbs.

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