Suppose in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Suppose

1. I suppose you are that gentleman. 🔊

2. What do you suppose he wants? 🔊

3. I suppose you have heard that she is very eccentric. 🔊

4. And suppose he has become morally disintegrated. 🔊

5. But then, suppose his father find it out! 🔊

6. The nuptial you suppose preparing now, Is all unreal. 🔊

7. So I believe: nor is it for a father To suppose otherwise. 🔊

8. In fact, I suppose I was not even aware of his existence. 🔊

9. Miss Jones asked me; I suppose because I had not spoken. 🔊

10. I suppose we ought to make some little noise the opening night. 🔊

11. I suppose I haven't misunderstood you. 🔊

12. You mustn't suppose that Davidson is a soft fool. 🔊

13. You may well suppose that I would not come to your castle for nothing. 🔊

14. But, after all, I suppose the question goes deeper than that? 🔊

15. I suppose Mr. Grandly wasn't able to find that out. 🔊

16. I suppose I must accustom myself to call her by her Christian name. 🔊

How to use Suppose in Sentences?

1. Do you suppose there has ever been anything since the world began that was best for every one? 🔊

2. I suppose my exit was additionally ludicrous, for a new eclat de rire followed me out. 🔊

3. True, a machine has no reason or understanding; but suppose it had, would it be a person? 🔊

4. I suppose it would be impossible to take them with us if we go to live in London. 🔊

5. So I suppose I performed my share of the work all right, though it was done from bed. 🔊

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